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Europe - A Preferred Holiday Destination

There is no doubt that Europe is one of the most preferred and popular continents when it comes to tourism. Every year, the number of tourists to visit Europe to explore the history and culture of the various European destinations is uncountable. The popularity of the Shenzhen visa at least says the same. One question mostly asked to anyone who has travelled Europe is – Which destination have you visited? The answer of more than 80% will be Britain. And why shouldn’t they because Great Britain is really great and offers tons of things for its visitors to see.

From the lifestyle of the British to the charm and glamour of cities like London, it is hard to resist visiting London when you are in Europe! While London is a great holiday destination, it is not the only great holiday destination in Europe so do  not make the mistake of visiting London alone while there are so many other great destinations to visit while in Europe. However, let us first explore what you should not miss while visiting London. Read More...

The evolution of art

People have always made art. Since the very beginning. Since before we learned how to write, how to speak. We have painted caves eons ago, and we picked up clay and shaped it into characters and objects. Art might be an instinct to human beings the same way it is to bond to each other or fight to death, to search for food or to look for a dry place to sleep at night. Ever since we started developing our brain and became able of representing things that were part of our lives, our feelings and our experiences, we started making art.

It has been a long way since then, and art itself has evolved greatly, becoming more complex as we did. We created cultures that have their very own outlooks on life and their ways or representing reality and the products of our collective imagination. Every society, from the past and the present, can be recognised now by the art they have created. And we can be amazed, and enjoy watching paintings and drawings, listening to music and poetry, reading tales and legends, and beholding the infinity in human creativity. Some people love to appreciate art and engage in cultural journeys, getting to know people through their creations, sharing the human experience and finding new ways to represent it and convey it. That is art.

Are you absolutely in love with decorative art? Well, if you are, the Victoria and Albert Museum (popularly abbreviated to V&A) should be on your to-do list, if you haven’t visited already. This museum is in London, and it is the world’s largest home to decorative arts and designs. It has a permanent collection of more than 4.5 million pieces!

V&A houses an enviable collection that spans 5 years of art from various cultures in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, from ancient times to present day. These pieces include textiles, glass, and ceramics. Silver and ironwork, costumes, jewelry, medieval objects, furniture, sculptures, prints and paintings, drawings and photos among other objects that make up this comprehensive global collection.

Lamborghini Hire in London

Fun in the City

If you are off for a time in London, you will for sure make some plans. There are many famous places there, so many things to see and to do, hundreds of activities waiting for you. It's fun to go to a big city, especially if you come from the countryside or a place far away, and London has many attractions and interesting things in it. From historical buildings to crazy nights of partying, from cultural activities to relaxing walks by the Thames, you can pick anything you like and fill up your schedule, and there will always be more and more things to choose. 

That's what's great about big cities like London. There are so many possibilities, so many places to see and things to do that are out of your reach at your homeplace, so why not take advantage of your trip to the city and have fun with all the things you wouldn't be able to access otherwise? There are special, exclusive things you can do in London.  Read More...

English Schools In Belfast UK

Learning the English Language in Belfast

The UK is a predominantly English speaking region and as such when you go there, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the language. There are already many schools in the region of Belfast in this case, but with the ever growing number of foreigners in Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole, institutions that offer training in the English language have increased over the years.

In this article, we are going to gloss over some of the institutions in the Belfast area that are involved with English training, with some offering an all-round education not only focused on languages. If you are considering an education in Belfast (whether for yourself or your children), these are definitely some of the schools that you should be considering.

Top Schools in the Belfast Area

1.    Queens University
Constantly ranking top in the university rankings in Northern Ireland and in the top of the pile in the whole of UK, Queens School is a true testament to what great education is all about. It has its beginnings back in the middle of the 19th century and its excellence has seen it remain at the top trough all those times.
It offers a wide range of courses and of course there are a host of language courses aside from English. As a student you can have your accommodation in one of the many houses Queens University puts up for its students thus eliminating the hassle of finding a place stay over the course of your learning. Read More...

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