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Victorian Britain - Your guide to exploring the real history in the country


Britain in a country that is just bursting full of culture and pride. We have so much history hidden between our walls that there is something new to learn about our past at every turn! Aside from the beautiful scenery, stunning architecture and crazy nightlife as well as all that Britain has to offer in-between, we are a land full of rich history that many people fly thousands of miles just to explore. 


The Victorian Britain

The Victorian era stretched from the 20th of June in 1837 when Queen Victoria was names ruler of the land, to the 22nd of January 1901 when she passed away. The Victorian era was describes as a long period of peace, and a time of national self-confidence, refined sensibility and prosperity for the people of Britain. 

You don't have to travel very far once you are in Britain if you want to see a remarkable piece of Victorian history because the country has preserved so much from that era. In fact many of the houses that still stand in the UK were built in the Victorian times, some of which are nestled among new builds even in the middle of the town centers! It is quite amazing to see actually. You could be walking through a bust city center and right between two high street shops or blocks of flats you will see a beautiful cottage style home originating from the mid 19th century. 

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Many Victorian built homes are registered as listed buildings, meaning that they belong to the country and are not allowed to be adapted. You will see a lot of homes that are beautifully kept on the outside but with new and modern features on the inside to keep up with the modern society that we now live it. Britain prides itself of restoring this beautiful era and hopes to keep it in all of its beauty for many years to come. 


Of course it is lovely to walk past peoples houses and admire their beauty but it would be a bit intrusive to ask to look inside. It's a good thing, therefore, that here are loads of places that you can visit in Britain if you want to have a real explore of the Victorian history. Britain is full to the brim of churches, castles, museums and other historical sites where you can really get a sense of Victorian beauty at its finest.



What we offer

Here at Victorian Britain we offer online casinos that are new to the UK and the best tours and visits in all of the country. There are many companies out there who will sell you a ticket and send you on your way, but we pride ourselves in being true historians with an amazing knowledge for every historical site in the land. We will provide you with not only the facts but also the feelings and emotions behind each site. You can really get a sense of being there in that era with our live re-enactments too!


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