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English Schools In Belfast UK

Learning the English Language in Belfast

The UK is a predominantly English speaking region and as such when you go there, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the language. There are already many schools in the region of Belfast in this case, but with the ever growing number of foreigners in Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole, institutions that offer training in the English language have increased over the years.

In this article, we are going to gloss over some of the institutions in the Belfast area that are involved with English training, with some offering an all-round education not only focused on languages. If you are considering an education in Belfast (whether for yourself or your children), these are definitely some of the schools that you should be considering.

Top Schools in the Belfast Area

1.    Queens University
Constantly ranking top in the university rankings in Northern Ireland and in the top of the pile in the whole of UK, Queens School is a true testament to what great education is all about. It has its beginnings back in the middle of the 19th century and its excellence has seen it remain at the top trough all those times.
It offers a wide range of courses and of course there are a host of language courses aside from English. As a student you can have your accommodation in one of the many houses Queens University puts up for its students thus eliminating the hassle of finding a place stay over the course of your learning.

2.    Victoria College
Grammar schools have long been a part of the culture and history of education all around the UK. The Victoria College in Belfast keeps true to that tradition and has been doing so since the early 1850s. It is an all-girls grammar school with a stout hold in the top academic rankings of the area, a true testament to its quality.
It provides a very well and carefully prepared curriculum, topped off with a host of extra-curricular activities to keep the students active and enjoying their time at school. Aside from helping the students master the English language, it also offers options to learn French, Italian, Spanish and German.

3.    Finaghy Primary School
Since its inception it has garnered a great reputation as a school for children at the primary school level. The Finaghy primary school is dedicated to well laying out the proper foundation blocks in your child’s educational journey by instilling a sense of interest and constant state of inquisition. The staff carefully instructs them on proper English language as well as bringing out their arithmetic skills up to a level where they should be comfortable to proceed to the next step in their education cycle.
This foundations go a long way in helping them remain focused and interested throughout their academic journey till they achieve what they want for their lives.

4.    Totally English
This institution came about in order to specifically meet the needs of foreigners coming into the UK who want a proper and well-paced course on learning English.
Totally English boasts of a well trained staff all of whom are native English speakers so you can rest assured enrollment in their learning program is well worth it. For individuals particularly learning the language for business purposes, this institution is an even better choice since many of the staff have a background in business and as such can instruct you on what sort of language and terms to expect in your dealings.

5.    International House
The International House in Belfast is situated in the city’s university district. As such it is surrounded by a multitude of activities ranging from bars to hotels and restaurants, the true university life experience.

Globally recognized for its services in teaching English to foreigners, it is another sure way to help you learn and familiarize yourself with the language over your stay in the UK. The courses vary in intensity and have flexible schedules so that you can fit in whatever other activities you want to take part in.

6.    Ulster University
Another top tier university in the Belfast area, Ulster University boasts also of global recognition having featured in the list of top 150 universities globally.

It is home to a number of highly regarded faculties, most notably the art school it is home to which is also highly ranked on a global scale. The university aside from the many courses it offers, is also involved in the teaching and training of English. Its quality of training in this regard is high since it is one of the few institutions in Northern Ireland to have received accreditation by the British Council.

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